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Natures Living Canvas

A sculpture placed outdoors will oxidize from different external variables. This oxidation doesn’t hurt the bronze, it’s actually a protective coating on the metal’s surface. Over time, the patina (or color) will evolve due to changes in temperature, pollution, rain, calcium from sprinkler systems, salt air, Sun exposure, humidity, etc. all can have an effect on the bronze patina color. A sculpture is really natures living canvas. It usually darkens in time or may turn green on the coast. The patina is part of its value and helps in authenticating its age. Patina is something that happens naturally in the elements on bronze. Bronze has high levels of copper and is a gold color when first cast but in time it would turn black, so we set this process into motion with a temporary patina using nitrites and metal salts with heat oxidation can be controlled and the process speeds up, the closer a patina is to what nature want to do naturally the longer it will last.

Sculpture conservation is based on preserving and slowing down the process of change over time. Nature will eventually win this process, but we can slow it down. We provide a maintenance service or can train handy owners how. We suggest cleaning with a soft detergent and rinse well. Let dry and on a hot summer day apply a clear wax like Johnsons paste wax with a soft bristle brush you should see it melt in on a hot day, if not you can use a propane torch to melt wax in.