Sculpture Foundry

Bronze Sculpture Foundry

A bronze sculpture foundry is a place where magic is made, turning sculptures and art made from clay into bronze.

Bronze is a metal that has been around for many years and is known for being long lasting and strong. Bronze was developed ages ago and is a combination of copper and a small percentage of tin. It doesn’t rust, but can be prone to oxidation, which can easily be fixed if a bronze sculpture is maintained.

Firebird Bronze is an amazing foundry, allowing artists and private individuals to have their art or vision of their art created in bronze. For those that have an idea in mind and need it created from scratch, the skilled artists at Firebird Bronze can sculpt just about anything out of clay. Eventually, these clay sculptures can be cast in bronze. For artists that already have sculpted art, the foundry is open to have their art cast as well.

Firebird Bronze uses a method called ‘lost wax casting’, which is an old process where wax is literally ‘lost’ as the molds are placed in the oven right before the bronze is poured.

According to Wikipedia, the oldest known item created using the lost wax casting method is a 6000-year-old amulet which was found in Pakistan.

Bronze Sculpture Casting Foundry

Firebird Bronze is a bronze sculpture casting foundry that provides everything from creating and sculpting original art pieces to casting them in bronze.

The foundry owners, Rip and Alison Caswell, are talented artists, creating some of the largest, intricately detailed and beautiful sculptures.

Rip is an amazing and one of the worlds most talented bronze sculptors. He specializes in sculpting nature forms and people.

Alison is an incredible mascot sculptor and has created them for several universities. Both Rip and Alison work together as a team to create the most beautiful, rare and authentic bronze art.

Foundry Portland Oregon

Firebird Bronze Foundry Portland Oregon is located in a beautiful place called Troutdale.

Throughout the area, there are various sculptures created by Rip and his team at Firebird Bronze.

But this incredible form of art doesn’t just start and stop here. Firebird Bronze has many clients all over the world, some of which include Wyland, Nike and Nintendo.

The foundry is open for artists to preserve their artwork and receive full support throughout the casting process.