Chad Caswell is the leader at Firebird Bronze and in our industry, merging the latest technology with the ancient lost wax process at our foundry. He provides the foundry’s sculpture enlargement and reduction services, as well as digital design work.

Our 3D technology services include:

· Scanning of 3D forms
· High-end 3D printing
· CNC armature milling scaled to monument sizes
· Traditional sculpting services

Clients include:


nintendo     armour    wyland

and many individual artists.

Our Competitive Price Policy

Chad personally oversees projects and limits outsourcing of labor. His versatile skill set as an artist allows him to keep his services “under one roof” and passes the savings on to the client.

State-of-the-Art Digital Enlargement and Reduction Technologies:
3D Sculpting, Scanning,CNC milling and 3D Printing


Z Brush is a digital sculpting tool that provides a platform for:

· Digital sculpting from scratch
· Digital sculpting from scanned artwork or 3D file
· Preservation of artwork files for use as an alternative to traditional mold storage

This program’s application with Firebird 3D allows artwork to be rendered in precise geometric shapes, scaled up or down with exact proportions and saved digitally for boundless future use.


Firebird 3D has two different scanning services using Artec Software that encompass all levels of complexity and scale in capturing artwork information:

Large-Scale Scanning

· Life-size and live model scans, monumental artwork at any scale; technology compensates for slight movements in live scanning in order to capture likeness of subject

Small-scale scanning

· Jewelry,highly detailed artwork textures, fingerprint quality transfer of detail from scan to 3D file

Both scanners are mobile to meet job needs that require on-site scanning

CNC Milling

Firebird 3D uses a3-axis CNC Machine with a 5ftx10ft bed, which can mill any large-scale monument project. Milling materials include:

· Blue extruded polystyrene foam
· Open cell or closed cell foam

Monumental-sized enlargements can be scaled from maquette, life scan or any 3D file

Foam comes assembled and chased; for an added fee, 2 layers of clay may be added for a work-ready surface

3D Printing

Firebird 3D has two 3D printers, both can burnout with Lost Wax process:

High resolution SLA resin printer-
· Small scale/miniature reduction prints, bed size: 5.5”x5.5”x6.5”

Medium resolution large format printer-
· Large-scale prints, monument panels, bed size: 1ftx1ftx2ft

Going direct into the burnout stage of the Lost Wax process is a cost savings with bypassing the mold if desired, and offers a great option for “one-off” projects.