Custom Bronze Sculpture

Custom Bronze Sculpture Factory

There are various ways to preserve art and turning it into bronze is one of them.  Artists are able to sculpt various art forms out of clay and then have their pieces cast in a foundry.

Firebird Bronze is a custom bronze sculpture factory, which means that the artists can customize a sculpture, create it from scratch and take it through the process of bronze casting.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to original forms of art. Not only can they be sculpted out of clay, any project or idea can be printed in 3D form.

3D printing bronze casting is a modern method that allows for art to be scanned and printed in 3D,  and not only. Any kind of art, idea or project can be designed from the beginning before it goes through the process of bronzing.

Firebird Bronze is in connection with Firebird 3D, which is a company that provides 3D printing services.

Firebird Bronze is also a unique factory, with skilled workers and professionals. Rip Caswell, the owner, is an artist who can sculpt various art forms with intricate detail and care, and then have it go through the ‘lost wax casting‘ process to be made into bronze.

Anyone can have something made at Firebird Bronze. Private individuals, organizations, universities, communities and even the military have commissioned Rip to create unique monuments and sculptures.

Custom Bronze Statue

Rip Caswell was commissioned to sculpt a custom bronze statue of Admiral Chester William Nimitz, who was a fleet admiral of the United States Navy.

This was one of the most incredible works of art produced by Firebird Bronze and their team.

There is a whole process when it comes to creating something special and unique like a statue of a live person and before Rip begins to sculpt the original piece, much research is done to understand who the person was, what were his or her characteristics, special accomplishments and challenges.

This knowledge is important for Rip because he puts his heart into his artwork and his goal is to bring out the true emotion and feeling of that specific individual.

Anyone can commission a project. Examples of projects include statues of people that have lived, monuments, wildlife, landscaping projects, and mascots. Commissioning a statue of a person, for example, is a special way to honor them and their life’s work.

Bronzing Services

When it comes to bronzing services at Firebird Bronze, it all begins with an original piece of work or art.

If a client doesn’t have an original but has an idea or vision of what it is they want, the artists at Firebird Bronze can customize it for them.

The original art form is then used to create a mold and undergo the ‘lost wax process’ in order to be made into bronze.

Not only artists can come to Firebird Bronze to have their art turned into bronze. Private individuals, communities, families, schools, cities and absolutely anyone can commission a project and have it custom designed and made at Firebird Bronze.

For existing bronze statues and sculptures, Firebird Bronze offers maintenance and re-patina services to make sure there is no wear and tear and the art is looking fresh.

If an artist needs shipping assistance, this is also available at Firebird Bronze. Large items are shipping in crates made from wood and customized. Smaller items are shipped in sealed-air foam.

Bronze bases can also be created at the foundry, and materials used for this are black granite and walnut wood.

Custom fabrication is also a service Firebird Bronze provides for just about any type of project or need. In this service, the foundry uses ferrous as well as non-ferrous materials.

Ferrous means that the material contains iron in it. Non-ferrous simply means that there is not a significant amount of iron. When something is ‘ferrous’ it means it consists of metals such as iron or steel as well as alloys of iron for example, stainless steel.

For sand cast plaques, Firebird Bronze can custom design them, or use the provided information to create a desired plaque.

If the design is ready, the foundry needs the camera-ready art, vector files or digital images of the desired art, correct spelling, font choice, the actual content that needs to be on the plaque and any other important information.

Custom hand art can also be added to the plaque. For more information about the foundry and examples, you can check the main website here