Custom Bronze Casting

Bronze Casting

Custom bronze casting is an ancient method of art preservation. Bronze is the most popular metal used in a foundry.

Firebird Bronze is a foundry that does just this, providing professional art, design and casting services to artists all over the world.

Back in the day, casting bronze and doing any type of work in a foundry was extremely difficult and dangerous.

Nowadays, with modern technologies, safety measures and all the right tools, it is a much more pleasant place of work for professional foundry workers.

Bronze casting can be used for any type of art. Many times, the military, city or a university commissions a large project such as a sculpture of a person or a mascot and the foundry provides all the services from creating the design to actually pouring the bronze.

Rip Caswell is the owner of Firebird Bronze along with his beautiful wife, Alison. Both of them are skilled artists, able to mold the most beautiful art forms out of clay that are later turned into bronze.

Firebird Bronze is also open to artist and sculptors, who create their art and want to protect it or make sure it is preserved. These artists can be involved in the entire creation process or let the foundry create the bronze piece from the beginning. All of the projects begin with an original piece that can be designed by an artist, by Rip or Alison, or can even be printed.

3D Printing Bronze Casting

Firebird Bronze is partnered with Firebird 3D, a 3D printing company owned by Chad Caswell.

3D printing bronze casting is a unique term, meaning, you can have your art piece printed and then cast into bronze.

A 3D printer can print just about anything, and more than that, it can take any piece of art and manipulate it in size by enlarging or reducing it.

Existing art forms can be printed as well as new designs created from scratch. This is a modern technology providing services like scanning of 3D forms, actual 3D printing, CNC milling and traditional sculpting services.

A CNC milling machine uses computerized controls and spinning cutting tools to take off material from a work piece and create a custom product.

Firebird 3D uses high quality resin to print any type of work in 3D along with high detail and use burnout printing in order to 3D print objects much quicker and more efficiently.

This process is a great alternative to molding because it saves time and money and keeps the high quality and details intact.

Artwork can also be scanned at Firebird Bronze, and when the photos are combined and put together, the result is a beautiful, 3D model.

This is a great tool for any type of work and size, from small artwork to large monuments and sculptures.

The scanning ability of Firebird 3D is even able to capture living people just the way they are! Place two people on a bench, scan, and the results are exact to the detail.

Bronze Foundry

Firebird Bronze is a one stop bronze foundry serving artists and people all over the world. Firebird Bronze offers a variety of services, transforming art into bronze and in this way, preserving it for years to come.

The process Firebird Bronze uses when casting in bronze is called ‘Lost Wax Casting’. This name comes from the process of burning out the wax which was used for the mold in the beginning stages.