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Strength of America

9-11 Memorial

Edition of 9
Dimensions: 7 feet tall
Price: $60,000



With determination and pride, the figure raises high a lamp, symbolizing the light of truth, freedom and justice. The serpent in his right hand represents the evil acts and forces of terror from 9/11. Emerging from the jagged rubble, the lines of the piece become more fluid as the eye travels up to see a bald eagle carrying the American flag to safety, emblematic of the American spirit.

This limited edition sculpture is unique in that the first three of the edition were given as gifts to the cities that lost innocent lives in the attacks of September 11th. You can view one at the Pentagon building in Washington DC, which was presented by the artist to the Legion of Valor. The second can be seen in commemoration of those who died in Shanksville, PA. And the third is awaiting placement at Ground Zero in New York City.