The emergence of 3D technology, led by Chad Caswell

Chad Caswell is an accomplished sculptor and foundry owner. Chad sculpts both digitally and traditionally. He is accomplished in both mediums and sometimes uses a combination for his own works. Chad began sculpting in his father’s studio at a very young age, clay became his toy that he would play with for hours. At age 16 he began more formal training and began to assist his father on monumental projects, including Admiral Nimitz in Pearl Harbor. Chad has gained several life-size commissions of his own over the years and has developed his own impressionist style for figurative works. When he creates inspired works of art for galleries he has a whimsical side that comes out of him, creating fun stylized works with bright bold patinas that are unique and selling as fast as he can make them. Chad has become an expert in the lost-wax process, as an owner of Firebird Bronze, the northwest premier foundry servicing hundreds of artists nationally. Chad helps and advises artists on the best tools of technology and traditional methods to bring their vision to life. Chad has become highly respected in the industry and is leading in new technology, combined with the ancient lost wax process.


The process Rip Caswell uses in commissioned projects involves client input as well as collaboration with designers, architects, and landscape architects as needed.  This input is gathered at meetings, interviews, and during presentations.  Rip Caswell is an artist dedicated to creating art that enlivens both community and private space. With each sculpture, Rip is capable of telling the many stories related to specific cultures, religions, and/or communities.

Storytelling is a key element in Rip’s approach to sculpture. The transformation from concept to reality is accomplished by creating figures and depictions that are accurate and familiar. Each work of art tells a unique story and evokes emotion.

Research and knowledge are key elements in Rip’s approach to artwork. Research for monument projects is centered on three basic factors: the past, the present, and conceptual plans for the artwork space as related by the client. After gaining a commission, Rip focuses on learning all that he can about the chosen subject.

This process combined with Rip’s availability and accessibility to the client ensures that requirements for the project are met to the client’s satisfaction and within the project timeline.



Research of subject and theme


Presentation to client of a detailed concept drawing (if required). We present to our potential clients related works of art and provide reference and testimonials. Based on our past works we enter into a design contract – 10% of the budget required.


We interview stakeholders and return with drawing and concepts. Once approved, we move to the sculpting phase – 1/3 of the budget required.


Presentation to client of the artwork in clay (the sculpture). Once the art work is in the clay stage and approval is given, we move into the mold making and casting phase- 2/3 of of the budget required.


After approval of the sculpture, casting begins


Artist’s involvement in all stages of foundry work. Remainder of balance paid in full upon completion of project.


Assistance with placement and installation of artwork as required by client. At this time, the sculpture will be ready for shipment or delivery. We offer art direction and advice on installation providing patterns if necessary to installer. Usually done by an onsite contractor. If you don’t have a contractor, our foundry can offer a quote for this service.

“This process and my availability and accessibility to the client, ensures that requirements for the project are met to the client’s satisfaction and within the project timeline.” – Rip Caswell