The Caswell Sculpture Family

The Caswell Sculpture team unites their talents in the creation of their artwork. Their sculptures can be found in public spaces, commercial developments, and private collections in all fifty states as well as abroad. Authorities in sculpting animals and the human form, their body of work reflects the planet’s wildlife and tells stories of people who shape history. Their ability to capture emotion and to reflect a spirit in the eyes of their sculptures is their most noted ability.


Passionate about conservation, they use their artwork as a way to support organizations dedicated to supporting veterinary programs and organizations that protect wild habitats. For the Caswells, nature is a sanctuary that renews and fosters artistic inspiration and is a source for living, breathing reference material. They hope that through their artwork, they can share a deep appreciation for the animals they love, and that the eyes of their sculptures may serve as a window into the life, spirit and personality of the subjects they cast in bronze. Their mission is that through their artwork they can revitalize the bond between man, animal and the wild environment that surrounds us.
The Caswells live and work in Troutdale, Oregon where they own their casting here at Firebird Bronze.

  • Chad Caswell

    Chad is a leader in our industry merging the latest technology with the ancient lost wax process at our foundry. He provides the foundry’s sculpture enlargement and reduction services, as well as digital design work. Learn more

  • Rip Caswell

    Rip Caswell is recognized as one of America’s preeminent bronze sculptors.  Caswell’s artworks can be found in public spaces and private collections throughout the United States and abroad.


“I have worked closely with a variety of public and private entities, to create both individual sculptures and sanctuary-like settings that tell stories and create moods, as developed by the client.  These entities, among others, include major developments, business parks, national parks, schools and churches.” – Rip Caswell

“The approach I have taken with all of my commissioned projects is to be involved with client or committee early on in order to relay the desired message through design and final artwork.  My involvement and availability are guaranteed throughout the artistic process.” – Rip Caswell

  • Artwork in public spaces through the United States
  • Numerous successful collaborations with architects and developers
  • Projects completed on time and within budget
  • Skilled artist team