casting bronze

 Case Studies

Artwork tells the story

Within cathedrals and hospitals as well as public libraries, parks or apartment gardens, large scale artwork has the capability of telling a community’s story. That community may be a congregation, or it may be a group in need of healing or of sanctuary at home. In many cases, large scale artwork is capable of defining a city entrance or a specific building and can become an iconic landmark, recognized and admired by many.

The Baptism of Christ

The Epiphany Catholic Church in Normal, Illinois commissioned this moving sculpture of John the Baptist and Christ.

Guardian Spirit | Eagle Landing Development Clackamas, Oregon

Rip was asked by the developer of this large residential and golf course development to create a circular entryway artwork that was representative of the natural beauty within the community. The monumental piece portrays a monumental bald eagle with wings fully spread, talons reaching forward.

The Crucifixion and Mary & Joseph

Life and one-quarter sized sculptures of the Holy Family and The Crucifixion Scene for the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Wichita, Kansas.

Tom McCall Memorial | Riverfront Park in Salem, Oregon

The Tom McCall Memorial Committee commissioned Rip to craft this life & ½ size portrait sculpture of Oregon’s noted former governor.